Things Have Turned out Much Better Than We Thought

My husband and I began purchasing properties several years back after we learned that it’s a good way to build your nest egg. I was in charge of cleaning each property thoroughly. However, we have bought so many now that it is tough for me to keep up with them. I now use a company that offers regular cleaning services in Singapore to do it for me. It has been a big help. Now that I have used their service, I honestly think it would have been best if I had just hired them early on because it saves so much time.

You never know where life will lead you. I once had things planned out in life, but things change when you least expect it. I became pregnant around 8 years ago, and we had our twins 9 months later. My husband and I worried a lot about how we would stay afloat, much less get ahead in life financially with two new babies. We had originally thought we would only have one baby, but halfway through my pregnancy, the doctor surprised us with the news that we were having twins. We already knew that we would be stretched thin with one baby, but we knew immediately that we might be in trouble with two new babies at the same time!

We have been so fortunate because my parents loaned us money to purchases a rental property. We spent time finding the best place and then we made it look really nice. We bought a condo and there are two units. Both of them were snatched up by renters within just days of us putting both units up for rent. Over time, we have been able to buy more properties thanks to my parents. It is really helping us move forward in life.