Texas Apartment Hunting with My Favorite Niece

My favorite niece had just graduated from college and was looking forward to her new job as an art teacher, as was I, as her new job would put her very near where I lived in Texas. While her job was in Arlington, I was looking for apartments in Grand Prairie as a bit of a compromise between her commute to work and commute to where I was living a bit west of the city of Dallas. I looked forward to spending time with my niece and showing her around the area and taking her into Dallas for some incredible shopping opportunities.

My niece is my older sister’s daughter and my sister is 12 years older than myself. This puts my niece and I fairly close in age and I have enjoyed a great relationship with her throughout her life. When her mom couldn’t understand my niece’s life’s trials and drama, I was often the go-between. My sister is a wonderful woman and excellent parent, but honestly there is simply no way for younger people to understand that their parents had the very same worries and drama in their lives when they were young, so I helped bridge the gap when needed.

My sister was trusting me now to be the parent and make sure my niece was living in a safe place and find her a great place to live. McDonough was the perfect area just close enough that I could be there quickly, but far enough away to allow my niece some independence and room for growth and maturity to live her own life and manage her own life’s problems without me being right next door.

My niece found the perfect place after a few apartment tours and I was happy when she couldn’t wait to call her mom to share the news and a few photos of her new home.