Teaching Art over the Internet

Since switching to Frontier in New Haven CT, I’ve been teaching my own art class. I learned how to paint by watching a television show that used to come on public television. The show gave people instructions on how to paint a picture in 30 minutes using only 7 or 8 colors. It was a magnificent feat to see the artist paint the picture every week in such a short amount of time. I bought my own paint set to follow along with him, and each time I got better at painting until I could teach other people to do it.

I run my show in the same way that the artist on television used to run his. I give my students a list of the paints that will be used for each lesson and tell them if there are any steps that need to be taken before they start a particular painting. One of the paintings that we did involved putting a lot of black paint on most of the painting to give an effect of a night time sky. Another painting had us using an oval shape made in contact paper to make a round painting.

The students always tell me that I have a calm and soothing voice when I’m giving my lessons. They say it even helps them to sleep at night when they are having trouble. I ask my students to take a picture of their paintings and upload them so that the entire class can see them. The students catch on really quickly and they are able to implement a lot of techniques in creative ways that I didn’t think they knew about. Every painting is unique because the students have their own way of seeing things. It’s like how everything in nature is random.