Started Talking About Living Together

If you go out with a girl for this long, then this conversation starts to become expected. I was ready for it, although I did not have much more than a warning about how it might not be that easy to live with me. I have shared apartments with a lot of guys and I do not think any of them were any good at picking up their stuff or cleaning up after themselves. There was always stuff stacked up in the sink and some of the time the place would stink because no one would take the trash out. I think I have gotten better about that, although it is mostly because I have been trying to be better for Shelly. It is not like I think that I am going to do a lot better than her, she has a great job for starters and she is very good looking as well. In fact the two of us together could probably save up enough money for a small house if we tried.

That would be a really big step, but she has saved up a good deal of money. It is really quite easy for her right now, since she has a great job and she has been living with her mother. In fact the company is paying for her car, since she has some travel involved in her job. Most of it is done by air though, but she is making a lot of money and hardly spending any at the same time. So she probably has the money to get a down payment on a small home if you add what she has to my meager savings. I did not want to say that, since that would be awkward for me to be honest, living in a house that she would have mostly paid for.