Nutrition is the Most Important Health Issue

Looking into Camas chiropractors for some back pain that needed fixing led me into a total revamp of my dietary intake. It is sort of odd that it took a visit to a chiropractor for muscle pain for me to totally come around to the idea that changing my diet was necessary for my long term health, but that is what happened. People don’t associate nutrition and vitamins with the chiropractor, but my chiropractor considers it just as important as any other treatment for aches and pains. He treats the entire patient and not just the problem.

It really is incredible how important a healthy diet and targeted vitamin supplementation can be for improving your health. Getting off the process junk foods and the sugar is almost always a huge boon to your health. So is decreasing your salt intake. When you’re young and healthy it doesn’t seem like diet is that important because you can bounce back from anything. Fast forward a couple of decades and all that junk food starts to make a serious impact on your health. You don’t bounce back from illnesses as fast and you gain a lot more weight. It’s serious.

My chiropractor asked about my diet during the routine treatment to help ease my pain. I confessed that I didn’t eat all that well. For example, I can’t remember the last time I ate a salad. He pointed out that my pain might not have been an issue if I had eaten better. A better diet can help you body shrug the aches and pains off. We ended up doing a diet plan right on the spot and I’ve been sticking to it ever since. And what do you know? I feel a lot better and I haven’t had a cold since I started eating better. Diet really is important.