No One Needs to Spend Life Feeling Badly Without Finding the Underlying Problem

My mom told me that it was a mistake to assume that the way I had been feeling for a few years was fine because I am an aging female. She said that she and my father didn’t feel bad when they were my age. She helped me to understand I needed to figure out what the problem was. She made me to go an appointment at a Corte Madera chiropractor that she made for me. She also made me go to see a doctor who is an internist as well. I had been hiding how badly I felt for a long time because I did not want to seem like a weakling. But I was becoming truly more week by hiding it.

At first, I did not know why I hid the fact that I was having trouble every day and not feeling well. I am close to my parents. My mom asked me why I did it with her, and I really set back and thought about my answer. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had kept things to myself because my parents have always seen me as such a strong person. I didn’t want to say or do anything that would make them think any differently. They have always see me be a go-getter gets things done. I wanted them to continue to see me in that same light. My dad said that no person is a superhero, and we should not pretend that we are.

The first thing I did was to go to the doctor who mom had made me an appointment with. After some testing, I learned that I had a thyroid problem that was causing me to gain weight and feel lethargic so often. After being put on some medication for that, I found myself feeling good and full of energy again. But I had done some damage to my back while previously being overweight, so this is where a nice visit to the chiropractor came in.