My Parents Gave Me Their Blessings

When I told my mom and dad that I was looking at apartments in Midtown Atlanta, they both got so worried. They had all these visions in their heads of me living in a ghetto section of town, when nothing further could be from the truth. The apartment that I wanted to get was at The Pad on Harvard, and it is one of the nicest places I have seen on my search for an apartment that would not give my parents heart failure. I understand about them worrying because I am their only child, and they live nearly 400 miles away from me.

I wanted to ease their minds about all of this, so I sent them the link for the apartment that I had put in an application for. I was even able to show them pictures that I had taken of the apartment that I want when I went on a quick tour there the other day. Everything about this apartment is just perfect for me, and I wanted their blessings before I went ahead and signed anything. I knew that once they saw the website as well as the pictures that I had emailed, they would understand why I want this apartment as much as I do.

In less than five minutes after sending the email, my dad called me and told me what a great job I had done in finding a safe apartment. My mom was excited for me too because of how nice the actual apartment is, which has me really excited too. They gave me their blessings, and I went ahead and finished the process of making it mine. Now that it is, I get to start moving in next week, and I am really thankful that my parents are coming down to help me with that!