My Office Building Needed a Cleaning Service

I thought that it would be best to have an in house cleaning crew at my new office complex, but I found out that it was not such a smart idea after all. There is a lot to be done, for sure, but there is not enough there for even one person to do it full time every single day let alone the three person crew I had hired for this. I checked out a cleaning company in Singapore that had come highly recommended, and I knew that it was the way to go moving forward.

I had hired the three person cleaning crew on a two month trial run, so they understood when I told them I was going with a commercial cleaning company. They simply did not have enough to do to keep them occupied, so they were not sad to leave. Before they left though, I did contact the cleaning company that I now use. I explained what I needed done, and they sent a representative over to look over the office building and to give me a quote on what the services would cost me.

I had a list of everything that I wanted done, ranging from windows and dusting to floor care. They had no problem with anything on my list, and then they showed me their own list of services. I ended up adding a few more things to what I wanted to have done, and I agreed to the price that I was quoted. It was less than half of what I had been paying the three person crew, and I knew that there would be no idle time either. I have used their services for a few months now, and I could not be more pleased with the good work that they are doing.