My Back Was Causing Me Some Pain

I was having pain in my back, so I decided to go online and see what I should do about it. I did this because a couple of my friends told me I should ice it while others said I should apply heat. Since the two are so different, I figured I would be better off going online and getting some more in depth answers. What I found out when I was reading about this was that I needed to see a chiropractor in Campbell CA to figure out what was actually causing the pain in my back.

It was not because of any injury, and I was not diagnosed with anything else like diabetes or arthritis that could cause me to have referred pain in my back. I did read where a person’s back gets out of its proper alignment simply with age, and I suspected that was the cause of my own pain. I was able to get a lot of information from one website in particular, so I made an appointment with that chiropractor. I figured he had already started to educate me on chiropractic care, so it just made sense to see what would happen with an in person visit.

I felt extremely comfortable with the doctor from the very first moment. The atmosphere was both professional and casual at the same time, and that put me at ease. He used language that made it easy for me to understand why a person’s back needs to be properly aligned throughout their lifetime, and he even told me step by step how this is done. After a physical examination, he proceeded to do the first spinal manipulation on me, and I actually did feel relief from that. I knew I still had a ways to go because this did not happen overnight, so it was not going to be fixed with just one visit. I feel so much better now that I am a regular patient there!