My Back Feels Great Now

I really could not tell you exactly how I hurt my back or for that matter exactly where I was or what I did the night that I hurt my back. If you can not guess I was out drinking with a couple of old friends, although at some point I ditched them and ended up with a girl. At least they told me that I did that, although I could not tell you that. It was lucky for me that I knew a clinic that has really good tcm in Singapore. I woke up in an empty apartment with not a single thing inside it, how I got there I have no idea. At first I wondered if some girl had rolled me in the night, but I had my wallet and although there was not much money in it, it was not like I had started out with much. The first thing I did was to check the balance on my debit card.

I was relieved that I had not blown any more money than I had, but I really was aghast at how wasted I had gotten. Of course all sorts of really bad things can happen to you when you drink like this, most of them because you can not make good decisions when you are completely out of it. I could tell where I had been, but I never did figure out who the girl was or how I managed to end up in that empty apartment. Sleeping on the floor must have caused my back to hurt me like it did, but a little bit of acupuncture cured that in no time flat. I was happy that I knew who to go see, although I really do not ascribe to many of the ideas behind TCM in general.