Keeping Warm Through Ohio Winters After 30 Years on the Job

Wasn’t it like just a few days ago and it was in the 80s outside? I mean, come on, this is ridiculous. Last year it was warm almost all the way up until the last holiday of the year! now it is cold before the kickoff of the holiday season. I never really counted the candy moocher holiday as being part of the holiday season anyway. Now that we have the furnace running, I’m not looking forward to opening the door a 100 times to pass out mini candy bars. Of course, we are saving on our Ohio gas now. Maybe I could be in more of a nice mood for the freeze my buns season.

When I was 22, I never got cold outside. Well, maybe I technically got cold, but I did not act like I was cold. I worked outside on cold October nights in a short-sleeved uniform shirt because the uniform department did not have long-sleeved shirts in my size. They also did not have any jackets in my size either. I barely noticed the wait until the rest of my new uniforms came in. Now, 30 years later in the same geographical region, I am cold without a knit cap, winter coat and heavy gloves this time of year. Once the snow begins to fly, I want to fly south!

I can deal with working in it if I have my insulated boots, thermal socks and all the gear we have to carry on us now. A vest is warm in the winter. No frigid air is going to blow through it. At home, I turn up the heat and get toasty without all the bulk on. I like being able to be in my house in a tee shirt and sweat pants and my bare feet. However, I did make sure we are paying the lowest rate on our Ohio gas so I can afford to turn the heat up. I am also happy my wife is passed the hot flash stage of menopause so we can turn the heat up at home too!