I Wanted to Move There Too

My friend moved into a new apartment a few months ago, and I went to see her for the first time last week. I was really surprised when I got there because I was not expecting it to be as nice as it was. I was just thinking of her old apartment, which was in a bad part of town, and I guess I transferred those feelings to this apartment, which were completely unfounded. I liked it so much that I went home and looked at the community website for the complex because I wanted to get more information on it for myself.

I really liked how clear cut and precise everything on the website was. They did not need flowery words or gimmicks to convince people to give them a try because what they offer is plenty enough of a draw. For the community amenities, the residents who live there have water, sewage and garbage pickup included on their bills, and there is a playground for children as well as a bark park for dogs. What I liked best is that there is a night patrol every night, which definitely lets residents feel much safer there.

Inside the apartments, things are just as nice. Appliances like the dishwasher, stove, fridge and microwave are included, and there is even a washer and dryer in every apartment. The rooms are nice and big, and there are huge bay windows in all the living rooms. The hardwood floors are beautiful, and the counters are all topped with granite. It is like walking into a luxury apartment, that is how nice they are. The best part is that it is not expensive to live there, and that is why I went to the front office and filled out the paperwork necessary so I could move there as well!