I Needed a Chiropractor when I Was Pregnant

I was so looking forward to becoming pregnant. My husband and I wanted to have a large family, so we started planning for one as soon as we were married. God must have been on board with our plans because I got pregnant on our honeymoon. We were both so deliriously happy, and we started making plans and dreaming the day we found out. I wish I would have had the foresight to get a Redding chiropractor on board right from the start, but I had no idea at first that my pregnancy would have gone a lot smoother.

For every pregnancy symptom, it seemed like I was a prime candidate for it. Even before the awful morning sickness started, I had terrible heartburn, something I had never experienced before. I also had intense swelling in one foot, and my lower back started hurting right around the time the morning sickness came. Thank goodness several of my friends urged me to get to a chiropractor to help me with these symptoms. At first, it made no sense on why I would go to a chiropractor, but it didn’t take too long for me to connect all the dots once it was explained to me.

The nervous system is in charge of the entire body in one way or another. With a growing baby inside of me, of course my body is going to change. Some women handle these changes well, and some are like me and have a hard time. A chiropractor is able to do spinal manipulations to get everything working as it should again. I felt better even before I walked out of his office on that first day, and my entire pregnancy went so much smoother. I know if I had not gone to the chiropractor throughout the remainder of my first pregnancy, we might not have had more than one child!