I Am Finally out of School

I am finally out of high school and I am happy to get started with the next stage of my life. For now that means learning computer science at a school in Charleston. The idea is that in two years I will be able to get a really good job and I have already found something that is sort of like that, working for a big company as a late night support agent. I was able to convince them that I understood their products. At any rate I have started looking for an apartment for rent in North Charleston SC and the plan is for me and one of my friends to live there. Of course the big thing about that is that I have a girlfriend and she will want to stay there when it is possible too. My Mom and Dad are definitely not about to let me stay with her at their place, that is not how they run things and they are never shy about telling you who is paying the mortgage there.

At any rate I have just enough money for this, but I am probably going to wait for a couple of months at this point. That is going to be the way that it is going to work best for me, since I am going to need to save some money for emergencies. I know that my car is not going to last me forever. It is one of those things where you wonder if the vehicle is so old that you are not going to be able to afford to keep it on the road for the long haul. At some point there is always going to be the issue where a car breaks down so much that it is not worth the expense.