He is Enjoying Physics Again

My son was not doing well in his physics course work. He was maintaining a B in the class, but he had absolutely no passion for it. He enjoyed his different sciences before this particular class, so I was concerned. I talked with his teacher, who told me that he was actually doing well in the class. Her version of well and my version are quite different then. I decided to look into Singapore physics tuition to see if this was an option where he could attend a tutoring session on a regular basis to discover that physics can be enjoyable too.

I knew that was the missing puzzle piece here. He was doing well enough to pass, but he was not doing well enough to want to continue down this path in the future. I would never dream of dictating the path my children take, but I also did not want him to miss something he would regret. I figured if he took the private physics lessons, then he would either discover that it was just not for him or he would see that this is something that can definitely be a part of his future.

I was able to find a tutor not that far from our condo. My son would be able to walk there if he wanted. I thought it may take a few lessons before he became excited by it, but he came home that first night and thanked me. The teacher’s approach with the private lessons was to educate but also to arouse curiosity. That was what was missing in his classroom at school. He learned a new way to study and approach the class at school now too, and he is getting A’s once again. Even better, he is enjoying the class immensely once again.