Great Mining Company for a Career

My Dad of all people suggested I look into a career with Signature Aluminum of Canada after I got out of school and didn’t know how to proceed. I got a degree in mine engineering, but upon graduation I suddenly wasn’t sure that was what I wanted to do. Weird, right? Spend all that time, hard work, and money on an engineering degree and then suddenly develop interests in something else. I knew a guy who did the same thing with law school: went to school, got the degree, and then went into teaching kids in an elementary school.

My father wasn’t having any of that nonsense, however. He knew I had a good head on my shoulder and that I could make a lucrative career out of working in mine engineering. He was an engineer himself, in a different area, and he raised three kids easily on his salary. He suggested I take a month to think about it and then come back to him and talk about it. When I returned, he mentioned how he’d talked to a guy who knew at Signature Aluminum and how they were looking for some fresh faces. He suggested I talk to the man.

So I did. I went in and had more of a sit down and talk about the trade conversation than an actual interview. The company has been in business since the 1950s and is about as stable as an employer as you can find. He had me talk to some of the other engineers as well as various other employees and everything seemed great. It really seemed like a great company with which to work. Even the guys doing the real grunt work liked their jobs and made great money. I’m going back for an interview and hope to land a position soon.