Getting Sports Rehabilitation After a Debilitating Injury

There are three words an athlete never wants to hear put together in the same, sentence and they are “career ending injury.” My Denver sports performance coach did not come up with stuff like that when I was in sports rehabilitation for my foot. I don’t know why doctors come up with that universal negative, but I know I certainly did not want to to apply to me. I hurt my foot, and the doctor told me how I need to consider the fact that I will no longer play in any professional capacity. However that was not for me. I needed to have a doctor that would keep me grounded, but I knew that I could play again if I worked out as hard as I could to get back on my feet. Pun intended!

Coach Landow told me that I have that drive that is necessary to come back from a debilitating injury. I was practicing every day to the level that I could. Each day my foot was getting better and better. The pain and the stiffness were working their way out, and I believed I had a shot at becoming a champion again. I trained harder than I ever did. I had help with meal planning to not gain weight with my reduced activity, and I had top notch sports rehab trainers. I was surrounded by people who viewed my sport as a way of life to be pursued. I went where the pros go to get sport’s training. My structured retraining program is now getting me moving more than I was before.

I had a purpose and a goal to return to playing the sport I have been playing since I was a young child. I did not want it to just be something I could do occasionally on the weekends. I wanted to get back to earning a living doing what I know how to do. It was all a matter of getting my body to agree with what my mind wanted. Getting good sports rehabilitation is what made it so I could get back to doing what I want to do at a pro level.