Finding a Good Pedicure Service Was Difficult

Moving to Singapore and finding a good pedicure in Singapore proved daunting. Probably because I didn’t properly research my options before really needing one, I found myself in a mad dash to try and locate a service that would do a good job. My first two attempts didn’t have a good result at all. The work was sloppy and, even worse, painful. The last one I tried I almost got an infection because the person doing the pedicure didn’t know what they were doing. There’s nothing worse than a sloppy pedicure.

Fortunately, a work friend who has been here much longer than I have overheard me talking about my issues and she gave me the address to the place she goes for her work. As soon as I walked in I knew I was in the right place. Friendly people, a clean shop, and people diligently working on other customers gave off a very good vibe. I sat down and said what I wanted done and the lady got right to work. She didn’t waste any time getting down to business and seemed very friendly and very professional. The results looked better than anything I got in the States.

The cost was a real surprise as well. For the best pedicure I’ve ever gotten, I paid much less than I did at any other place I went. I know for a fact that I’ll be coming back here for all my cosmetic work. I enjoyed my visit here so much that I’m looking through their other services to see if there is anything else I can have them do. I’m sure it won’t take much coaxing for me to indulge myself at their spa! I’m actually looking forward to going back and getting a lot more work done in the near future!