Favors from a Plant Expert

Anyone who has ever known a botanist knows how much they love plants. My wife is a botanist and plants are part of her every day life, even when she isn’t in the lab. She has plants all over the house that she loves to take care of as if they were her pets. I’ve never really been that keen on taking care of plants, mainly because every time I try to do it, the plant eventually dies. When I married my wife, she gave all of the guests plant wedding favors. Everyone walked away with a tiny little plant that they could take care of on their own.

If any of the guests were like me, their plants probably died after the first week of being brought home. The plants weren’t a variety that required extra care outside of proper sunlight, water, and nutrients, so anyone could have taken care of them. It’s just that sometimes the slightest change can cause effects in these plants. My wife is an expert on plants, so she knows how to handle mistakes like over watering or under watering without the plant turning into a brown mess. I’m not so lucky, and anytime I try to fix a mistake, it only makes things worse for the plant.

Some of the more plant savvy guests from the wedding have actually shown my wife and I their plants. One person who is a school teacher was able to get hers to grow 2 feet tall by adding some organic materials to the soil. She saves things like egg shells and banana peels and puts them in a compost pile with worms. I have a little fear of worms, so I won’t be making my own compost piles anytime soon, but my wife might be up for something like that.