Driving a Cab Was Wreaking Havoc on My Lower Back

Driving a cab is paying the bills, but it is not fun for my back. I have tried everything to be able to sit comfortably inside that cab for hours on end. I get out and walk every chance I get. My customers think I am being nice when I open doors and carry luggage. I am just trying to get out and move a bit! I even bought those beads you sit on. They did not help. What did help was when I saw a chiropractor in Sacramento to get the nerve impingement on my back fixed.

My lower back was the trouble spot. There is a nerve in your lower back that runs down over your hip into your leg. When you irritate it, you are in for a world of pain. If it could be triggered on demand, it would be a great torture tool. Many have probably felt it when it gets mildly irritated. It sends shooting pains down your leg all the way to your big toe that burn and feel like you are being shocked at the same time. When it really gets fired up, you can barely stand the pain.

I would actually break out into a sweat trying to not yell because of the discomfort when I had a passenger in my cab. When it hurt like that, I would dread the customer who wanted to talk. I was very appreciative of the passenger who wanted to be left alone when I was in pain like that. Empathetic passengers could tell I was hurting. One such passenger suggested the chiropractor in Sacramento that I went to see. I actually went on my lunch, and I was so glad I went. The adjustment relieved me of most of the pain for the rest of the day. Completing the therapy has now pretty much rid me of the sciatic nerve pain I was having.