I Have Some Money I Want to Invest

I was not expecting that my great aunt Emma would leave me anything, in fact some of my relatives were joking that she would leave her house to her cat. She certainly cared more about that then anything else I knew about. As it turned out she had been doing all sorts of things no one knew about. For example she had apparently taken much of her life savings and started trading bitcoin among other things. I have not quite figured out exactly, however the way that it looks to me is that she started to worry that she would outlive her savings. So she took some chances and came out shining, quite literally like new money. Before she died she seems to have transferred a lot of the bitcoin itself to me, in an obvious effort to avoid paying tax upon it. She is one of those people who always thought that the government never really had the right to tax you and she always looked for a way out of it.

However the big thing turned out to be her land. Continue reading I Have Some Money I Want to Invest