It Took Some Time to Find out How to Run a Business Well

I had plans to grow my business as a part time cleaner in Singapore for a long time, but it took me awhile to realize that I could not do that without learning to trust others to help me to do that. I had never been anyone’s boss before, and it seemed a bit scary. What if workers didn’t show up or didn’t want to listen to me when I told them what they needed to do? My brother has a company, and I wanted to talk to him about it. So, he invited me over earlier this year so that I could get his feelings on a number business-related questions that I had for him.

My siblings are all natural leaders. I have always been sort of laidback and quiet. I don’t have a commanding voice, and I can be a bit of a soft-hearted person. Over the years, people have taken advantage of me because of that. I really worried that employees would do the same to me. My brother suggested that I read up on how to be a good leader. He also pointed out that you can still be kindhearted and quiet, while also being a good manager. Continue reading It Took Some Time to Find out How to Run a Business Well

He is Enjoying Physics Again

My son was not doing well in his physics course work. He was maintaining a B in the class, but he had absolutely no passion for it. He enjoyed his different sciences before this particular class, so I was concerned. I talked with his teacher, who told me that he was actually doing well in the class. Her version of well and my version are quite different then. I decided to look into Singapore physics tuition to see if this was an option where he could attend a tutoring session on a regular basis to discover that physics can be enjoyable too.

I knew that was the missing puzzle piece here. Continue reading He is Enjoying Physics Again