A Hair Loss Treatment That Works

I used to have really thick hair. It would take me a long time to style it because it was just my best feature. That is why I was heartbroken when I noticed that I was losing more hair than what is considered normal. It was not a huge concern at first, but it quickly turned into one. I went to my doctor who ran tests, and he determined that it was genetics. I was not satisfied with that answer, since he said nothing could really be done. Thankfully, an aesthetic clinic in Singapore disagreed with him.

I knew that my doctor probably didn’t deal with patients complaining of hair loss, and that is why I kept looking to see if I could find help elsewhere. When I saw that this clinic offered hope, I made an appointment for a consultation. I was able to take my report from the doctor with me so they could see what all was done already, as far as labs and blood work is concerned. Continue reading A Hair Loss Treatment That Works

A Good Security System Brings Peace of Mind

When my cousin told me that she and her husband was moving close to where I live, I was so happy. She has been my best friend for as long as I can remember, and it was hard living so far away from her. The only thing I was not excited about was that the home they bought is in a neighborhood that is right on the edge of where crime often happens. This was a concern of theirs as well, and they had already found a company that installs ADT in Chicago.

That definitely made all of us feel better, especially because I know first hand how good ADT is. We have had it ever since we bought our own home here outside of Chicago. Continue reading A Good Security System Brings Peace of Mind