A Pedicure for All of Us

I thought that women who had pedicure services just had too much money to spend. That opinion changed when I had my first one. I was in a wedding as a bridesmaid, and the bride wanted all of us to have pedicures with her since we were wearing open toed shoes. She had booked the same time slots for all of us, then we were going to go to her house and just chill on her last night as a single woman. I am not the only one who had never had a pedicure before, so it was a new experience for several of us.

I was surprised to see just how in depth a pedicure can get. Continue reading A Pedicure for All of Us

My Office Building Needed a Cleaning Service

I thought that it would be best to have an in house cleaning crew at my new office complex, but I found out that it was not such a smart idea after all. There is a lot to be done, for sure, but there is not enough there for even one person to do it full time every single day let alone the three person crew I had hired for this. I checked out a cleaning company in Singapore that had come highly recommended, and I knew that it was the way to go moving forward.

I had hired the three person cleaning crew on a two month trial run, so they understood when I told them I was going with a commercial cleaning company. They simply did not have enough to do to keep them occupied, so they were not sad to leave. Continue reading My Office Building Needed a Cleaning Service

Things Have Turned out Much Better Than We Thought

My husband and I began purchasing properties several years back after we learned that it’s a good way to build your nest egg. I was in charge of cleaning each property thoroughly. However, we have bought so many now that it is tough for me to keep up with them. I now use a company that offers regular cleaning services in Singapore to do it for me. It has been a big help. Now that I have used their service, I honestly think it would have been best if I had just hired them early on because it saves so much time.

You never know where life will lead you. I once had things planned out in life, but things change when you least expect it. I became pregnant around 8 years ago, and we had our twins 9 months later. Continue reading Things Have Turned out Much Better Than We Thought

Finding a Good Pedicure Service Was Difficult

Moving to Singapore and finding a good pedicure in Singapore proved daunting. Probably because I didn’t properly research my options before really needing one, I found myself in a mad dash to try and locate a service that would do a good job. My first two attempts didn’t have a good result at all. The work was sloppy and, even worse, painful. The last one I tried I almost got an infection because the person doing the pedicure didn’t know what they were doing. There’s nothing worse than a sloppy pedicure.

Fortunately, a work friend who has been here much longer than I have overheard me talking about my issues and she gave me the address to the place she goes for her work. As soon as I walked in I knew I was in the right place. Friendly people, a clean shop, and people diligently working on other customers gave off a very good vibe. I sat down and said what I wanted done and the lady got right to work. She didn’t waste any time getting down to business and seemed very friendly and very professional. The results looked better than anything I got in the States.

The cost was a real surprise as well. For the best pedicure I’ve ever gotten, I paid much less than I did at any other place I went. I know for a fact that I’ll be coming back here for all my cosmetic work. I enjoyed my visit here so much that I’m looking through their other services to see if there is anything else I can have them do. I’m sure it won’t take much coaxing for me to indulge myself at their spa! I’m actually looking forward to going back and getting a lot more work done in the near future!

Nutrition is the Most Important Health Issue

Looking into Camas chiropractors for some back pain that needed fixing led me into a total revamp of my dietary intake. It is sort of odd that it took a visit to a chiropractor for muscle pain for me to totally come around to the idea that changing my diet was necessary for my long term health, but that is what happened. People don’t associate nutrition and vitamins with the chiropractor, but my chiropractor considers it just as important as any other treatment for aches and pains. He treats the entire patient and not just the problem.

It really is incredible how important a healthy diet and targeted vitamin supplementation can be for improving your health. Getting off the process junk foods and the sugar is almost always a huge boon to your health. Continue reading Nutrition is the Most Important Health Issue