Top Notch Mobile App Creators

When the boss told me to start coming up with ideas for an app, I knew I needed mobile app development in Singapore. I’m a middle aged guy who isn’t the savviest individual when it comes to developing tech. I can code and I can do other things most people my age can’t do, but creating a fully functional mobile app was beyond my knowledge base. We are a small firm and no one here knows the first thing about making a functional app to help sell our products. This was definitely a situation where trying to fake your way through it wouldn’t work.

So I asked some friends in the tech field and did some online research and I found a firm that is really top notch. Continue reading Top Notch Mobile App Creators

I Am Finally out of School

I am finally out of high school and I am happy to get started with the next stage of my life. For now that means learning computer science at a school in Charleston. The idea is that in two years I will be able to get a really good job and I have already found something that is sort of like that, working for a big company as a late night support agent. I was able to convince them that I understood their products. At any rate I have started looking for an apartment for rent in North Charleston SC and the plan is for me and one of my friends to live there. Continue reading I Am Finally out of School

Great Mining Company for a Career

My Dad of all people suggested I look into a career with Signature Aluminum of Canada after I got out of school and didn’t know how to proceed. I got a degree in mine engineering, but upon graduation I suddenly wasn’t sure that was what I wanted to do. Weird, right? Spend all that time, hard work, and money on an engineering degree and then suddenly develop interests in something else. I knew a guy who did the same thing with law school: went to school, got the degree, and then went into teaching kids in an elementary school.

My father wasn’t having any of that nonsense, however. He knew I had a good head on my shoulder and that I could make a lucrative career out of working in mine engineering. He was an engineer himself, in a different area, and he raised three kids easily on his salary. He suggested I take a month to think about it and then come back to him and talk about it. Continue reading Great Mining Company for a Career

Not So Much Free Time

A friend and I moved into a two bedroom room at the Seaside Residences in Siglap. We decided to live together to save on the cost of renting a place, and it was a good decision by the both of us. We both have a pretty average income, especially since we are working part time while going to school, so our living arrangement makes perfect sense and let’s us have a place to live that isn’t far from where we attend school and work.

My friend is taking classes to become a doctor, while I’m taking computer science courses. Between the two of us, we don’t have a lot of free time, but when we do, we like to hit the town and do a little dancing at one of the local clubs. Even though we aren’t great dancers, we still have a good time at the club, and the other people don’t seem to mind, because many of them are bad dancers too. Continue reading Not So Much Free Time

A Much Nicer Place to Live

I had no idea that I was going to have to move in such a short period of time. I don’t really blame anyone for it, as it was just one of those things that do happen. My old apartment got flooded, and it had such extensive damage that it would be at least a month before I could move back in. The only problem with that was, I had no other place to stay. I knew I needed to look at apartments in Old Town Scottsdale so I could have a place to lay my head at night.

As soon as I started looking at what all The Stetson offers to the ones who live there, I knew I wanted to be one of those people. Continue reading A Much Nicer Place to Live