My Back No Longer Hurts Me

I love to take pictures. There are some weekends when I will go out hiking and not come back until the next day. I had to stop doing that when my back started hurting me. I thought that it was because of my sleeping arrangements, which were not the best. However, even when I would sleep in my own bed at home, I noticed that my back would still hurt on occasion. I missed getting out there and taking great pictures though, and that is what motivated me to go and see a chiropractor in Sacramento.

I told him that my back had been hurting for years, but that I had just attributed it to sleeping on the ground in my sleeping bag. That is when he told me that my back should never hurt just from that. More than likely, it was just that my back had been out of alignment for that long, which meant that I would never be able to truly feel comfortable. Continue reading My Back No Longer Hurts Me

My Back Was Causing Me Some Pain

I was having pain in my back, so I decided to go online and see what I should do about it. I did this because a couple of my friends told me I should ice it while others said I should apply heat. Since the two are so different, I figured I would be better off going online and getting some more in depth answers. What I found out when I was reading about this was that I needed to see a chiropractor in Campbell CA to figure out what was actually causing the pain in my back.

It was not because of any injury, and I was not diagnosed with anything else like diabetes or arthritis that could cause me to have referred pain in my back. I did read where a person’s back gets out of its proper alignment simply with age, and I suspected that was the cause of my own pain. I was able to get a lot of information from one website in particular, so I made an appointment with that chiropractor. Continue reading My Back Was Causing Me Some Pain

Driving a Cab Was Wreaking Havoc on My Lower Back

Driving a cab is paying the bills, but it is not fun for my back. I have tried everything to be able to sit comfortably inside that cab for hours on end. I get out and walk every chance I get. My customers think I am being nice when I open doors and carry luggage. I am just trying to get out and move a bit! I even bought those beads you sit on. They did not help. What did help was when I saw a chiropractor in Sacramento to get the nerve impingement on my back fixed.

My lower back was the trouble spot. There is a nerve in your lower back that runs down over your hip into your leg. When you irritate it, you are in for a world of pain. If it could be triggered on demand, it would be a great torture tool. Many have probably felt it when it gets mildly irritated. It sends shooting pains down your leg all the way to your big toe that burn and feel like you are being shocked at the same time. When it really gets fired up, you can barely stand the pain. Continue reading Driving a Cab Was Wreaking Havoc on My Lower Back

Securing Sacramento HVAC Maintenance and Repair Services

My husband recently received a promotion and was transferred to a new office across the country. We purchased a new home practically unseen, relying only on our real estate agent and one home inspection. I soon learned I should have hired a Sacramento HVAC services and repair company to do a separate inspection as well.

Coming from the New England area where our weather consisted of only heat and humidity or snow and more snow, my husband I were fairly certain that our life in California would no longer require us to have a furnace and we would simply open our windows and enjoy cool ocean breezes off the Pacific. We soon found we had vastly underestimated just how chilly California could be and that ocean breeze we imagined could rarely be counted on when we needed it the most.

We moved in August and spent our first night with every window open in our home and every fan we owned turned on in an attempt to battle the intense heat. Turning the thermostat as low as it would go yielded nothing but a slightly lukewarm bit of air through the air conditioning vents. We debated hopping in our car and heading toward the ocean for some relief and I was almost wishing we were back in Maine where the night temperatures were already beginning to drop in anticipation of fall and winter.

After a long night of hot, restless sleep, I spent the next morning in search of a HVAC repair service and was very pleased to find one that could send a repair person to our home later that day. It turned out that both our central air and furnace needed some maintenance and repair that neither our real estate agent or home inspector had noticed or noted in any inspection report.

I Was Angry After My Accident

I knew that I needed a Sacramento personal injury lawyer when it seemed I had lost my voice with the insurance company that was supposed to be helping me. I don’t mean literally, as in laryngitis. It just seemed they felt they could strong arm me into signing a release when I knew full well that my future was not certain as far as my injuries from an auto accident were concerned. I had pulled out of a side street with plenty of time to get on the road when I was struck by a truck going nearly three times the speed limit. Continue reading I Was Angry After My Accident