Favors from a Plant Expert

Anyone who has ever known a botanist knows how much they love plants. My wife is a botanist and plants are part of her every day life, even when she isn’t in the lab. She has plants all over the house that she loves to take care of as if they were her pets. I’ve never really been that keen on taking care of plants, mainly because every time I try to do it, the plant eventually dies. When I married my wife, she gave all of the guests plant wedding favors. Everyone walked away with a tiny little plant that they could take care of on their own.

If any of the guests were like me, their plants probably died after the first week of being brought home. The plants weren’t a variety that required extra care outside of proper sunlight, water, and nutrients, so anyone could have taken care of them. Continue reading Favors from a Plant Expert

An Anonymous Person Posted Information Online That Really Helped Us

I work for a company that is on the smaller side, and we made a couple of different types of snack foods that are starting to gain popularity in the workplace. We have had some troubles here and there with our machines, so I did some thorough research about how to fix that issue. I turned out that we needed to invest in some vibration mils that will help to monitor our equipment for any sort of troubles and alert us. We did exactly that and have had no troubles since then.

My father is the man who started our company. He loves to make fun things, and the snack foods that we create are definitely fun. Continue reading An Anonymous Person Posted Information Online That Really Helped Us

Fixing the Screen is Better Than Buying New

I was horrified when I dropped my Mom’s iPad Air when I was cleaning the screen. I had taken it out of its protective case because I wanted to get the entire screen cleaned. Instead of helping her like I had intended, I ended up messing up the one thing that she really enjoys on a daily basis. She told me to not worry about it, but it was hard not to because I know how much she enjoyed playing on it. I did a search for iPad repair in Richmond, thinking that if I could not figure out a way to get it fixed, then I would just buy her a new one.

I was really hoping that I would be able to get it fixed though because these things are so expensive. Continue reading Fixing the Screen is Better Than Buying New

We Sell Small Parts That Are Weighed on GSE Scales

I sell tiny parts from home. No walk-in customers, just fulfilling online orders. I only stock parts that are tough to find. I get a great price for them, and I do not have to ship massive quantities to make a living. My wife and I work out of a metal building on our property. The only traffic we have is the parcel trucks bringing and taking packages. I was online myself looking for a GSE scales technical reference manual. GSE stands for General Self-Efficacy. They are programmable scales you can use to weigh parts to determine quantity rather than counting them.

If a customer needs to order 100 screws for assembling an electronics part, we just weight them out instead of counting them. Continue reading We Sell Small Parts That Are Weighed on GSE Scales