An Easy Way to Do Pay Stubs

When I was a teenager, I decided that I was going to go into business for myself one day. I dreamed of opening up a used book shop, but those dreams took a downward spin when electronic books became so popular. I didn’t let that stop me though. Twenty years later, I opened my coffee shop, complete with a book room for people wanting to read and sip and basically relax. I only had two employees and myself. One of the things I did before opening was find a paycheck stub maker online since I would have two other workers.

When I get several more, I will hire a bookkeeper, but right now I am able to handle everything on my own. I wanted to make sure that I did not mess anything up with them as far as taxes is concerned though. Continue reading An Easy Way to Do Pay Stubs

I Wanted Everything to Be Perfect

My mom is the one who got me into cooking as a kid. And as I grew older, I knew that I wanted to become a chef and one day run my own restaurant. The dream of buying my own place just came to be last month. It has been hard work figuring everything out from which color menu to use to finding the right landscape lighting in Pompano Beach to help make my new place alluring to customers. I wanted to have the type of place that gets written up in the local place as the best place in town to go to. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but I also knew that I could do it.

My sister is an interior decorator, so I hired her as a consultant early on to help me get things figured out. Some places are popular because the business owner opened up for business in a sad looking shack, but amazing foods are offered. Continue reading I Wanted Everything to Be Perfect