Industrial Floor Scales Make Our Workflow Go Faster

We have a pretty good system for selling our produce to the public. A lot of customers buy entire pallets of things. We know the tare weight of our plastic pallets with the plastic wrap on them and our pallet jacks. So, when we run them over the industrial floor scales, we know in an instant how much fruit or vegetables are there by weight. We can then roll a pallet right into the back of a pickup truck. Sometimes the customers need to unwrap the pallets and load the individual boxes into cars or vans.

Tare weight is the weight of the container something is in. If you buy coleslaw by the pound and the container weighs an ounce, the actual total product weight in the container would be 17 pounces. You would have the 1 ounce of the container along with the 16 ounces of coleslaw. We know the tare weight for every box type, the pallets, how much the plastic film wrap weighs and the weight of the pallet jacks that move the product. Continue reading Industrial Floor Scales Make Our Workflow Go Faster