A Boho Bag for All Occasions

A Boho bag is one of the most trendy bags right now. They are beautiful and functional. The bags come in many designs to fit any wardrobe and personality. They can be dressed up pr down

The bags are oversized so all the daily essentials can be carried without carrying more than one bag. It is typically a casual styled bag. They are slouchy and do not hold form very well. The bag is generally made from a soft material such as leather that adds to the slouchy, messy design. The long strap of the bag makes it easy to carry. Because of the design, it is comfortable to carry. The straps will not dig into the wearer’s shoulders. Just toss it on the shoulder and head out the door. It is similar to the aspect of bed head. It looks as if the person carrying the bag is not worried about their look while still looking great.

The bags are great for taking a trip to the beach or a day trip. Continue reading A Boho Bag for All Occasions

Getting Ready to Start a Business

It is not going to be something that I am going to rush into right off. This is a huge decision for me and like a wise man I really want to cover all of my bases before I go in the deep end. This is going to be something a bit complicated with a number of partners and not all of them have the same motives. I have started to look for a good Los Angeles business lawyer to help me set things up. Of course the other guys involved are not going to be sticking their necks out like I am, since this is a project where I am going to be one of the real essential elements. In fact the three of them sent me to see a doctor before they made a commitment to the project. The doctor really went over me and they gave me all sorts of tests. Continue reading Getting Ready to Start a Business

A Space for Every Vision

I bought a building that had been foreclosed on by the bank for a good price. Most people my age don’t even own their own home, let alone something as big as a building. I bought the building to turn into a production studio. I am a film maker with a production company, and before buying the building, I was doing all of my filming at home. This was fine for my earlier projects, but as my films got bigger, I needed more space. I had a geotechnical drilling company drill into the property to run some lines to the building.

The building acts as a studio and second home for me. For the times when I will be filming for long hours and can’t get home, I can just sleep in a room in the building, take a shower there, and even cook food for myself. It’s a lot more convenient than traveling back and forth to my home, or trying to live out of a bus. On the ground floor of the building is a soundproof studio that houses different kinds of sets and film equipment. On a work day, many people are walking around this area to set up different scenes.

The first film that I made in the building was completed earlier this year. It was a romantic comedy where a man who is short falls in love with a tall woman, and the two try to get through their physical differences while dealing with reactions from other people. Finding a man short enough for the role was easy, but finding a woman that was the exact height I needed proved to be a little difficult. I probably would have had an easier time finding a short woman and a tall man, but that would have changed my vision

Contractor for a Bathroom Remodeling

I bought my house maybe 20 years ago, but I forget exactly. I could look it up easily enough, but that is beside the point. I want to do some bathroom remodeling on my house because I think that is the sort of thing that would really help to make my house look better and it is also something that I have wanted to get done for a large number of years. It is something that I should have done a long time ago, but I haven’t really had the time or the money to do it. Continue reading Contractor for a Bathroom Remodeling

Reading when Audio Isn’t Available

My good pair of headphones broke while I was using them. I take these headphones with me wherever I go, including on the train when I am on my way to class. Since they were broken, and I didn’t have enough money to buy a similar pair to replace them, I didn’t. I had been using my phone to look at tutorial videos, but without the headphones, playing them on the train would have disturbed everyone. I found an alternative in the form of Etabs tutorial via PDF. The PDF files can be read on the screen of my phone without making any sound, and they still have the same amount of information.

I thought about getting a tablet specifically for reading on the go rather than getting a new pair of headphones, but the tablet would have cost more money. Besides, the phone screen was good enough for what I needed to accomplish. It was a nice way to relax while on the train, while also getting information that I would later need for class. Reading has changed a lot since the old days of when my parents were in college. They had to take a lot of books with them whenever they go somewhere.

In 20 years, I expect technology to change even more than it has now. Reading through a screen will become a thing of the past, as everyone probably will have something to project images in front of them. The prices of phones would probably go down a lot because of this. I’ll still probably be using a pair of expensive wired headphone, because I don’t like the sound that the wireless variety produces. We probably won’t even be riding on trains anymore, because there will be a much faster mode of transportation that will get us everywhere in a matter of seconds.