The South is Where My Family is

When I married my high school sweetheart, I knew that he wanted to go into the military, and I was really happy with that. We are both from the same small town where people are raised and then they marry someone in town and raise their family there. It is really nice, but I knew that we wanted to see the world and the military would let us do that. He recently retired so now we are looking at Simpsonville SC apartments where we will be next to our family members. I knew that it was going to be very different not living on base with the housing and the community since he retired, we also had to start paying for utilities and get food from our local grocery store instead of the store on base. I had no idea how much things cost since we were living on base for so many years, and even out of the country for most of the past twenty years.

My children were able to see almost every country in Europe, and even if they don’t remember it, they will know what it is to travel and they will also always have that sense of wonder about them. They know that the world is a lot bigger than our small town and I believe that will help them become more worldly with their education. I believe that when they have discussions in their respective classrooms, my children may offer a more mature and broad sense of the world in general. They may raise issues that other students may never have thought of in the first place. I know that I will be living in the south for a small amount of time, but I want it to be an easy transition for us all.

Downsizing from a Five Bedroom House to a Luxury Apartment

My recently retired husband and I are thinking about selling our home. Our five children are all grown now and the two of us are living in this huge five bedroom house all by ourselves. Since we are approaching our senior years it is becoming more difficult for us to manage the upkeep of our house. We are seriously thinking about looking at luxury apartments in South Charlotte NC. By doing so we won’t have to worry about maintenance issues or lawn care. Then we’ll have all the time in the world to do the things we enjoy.

We want to start our search at one particular apartment community where several of our friends live. They love it there and their apartments are absolutely gorgeous. We’ve already seen the professionally landscaped grounds and the resident clubroom while attending a party hosted by one of our friends. Continue reading Downsizing from a Five Bedroom House to a Luxury Apartment

A Magical Moment for Us

Today marks the fifth year of marriage to my wife Hani. I am a very lucky man. Most people go through life and never find their soul mate for life. Fortunately, I am not one of those people. I am so grateful to have her in my life. We cherish each other every day. I still remember our wedding like it was yesterday. We had a lavish wedding ceremony with a large cake. Hani looked so elegant in her dress. We had our closest family and friends attend. We all rode in a wedding bus limo. It was so much fun. I will never forget it.

When I first met Hani, I was completely blown away by her beauty. She was a transfer student from South Korea that enrolled in our school. Continue reading A Magical Moment for Us

Getting Sports Rehabilitation After a Debilitating Injury

There are three words an athlete never wants to hear put together in the same, sentence and they are “career ending injury.” My Denver sports performance coach did not come up with stuff like that when I was in sports rehabilitation for my foot. I don’t know why doctors come up with that universal negative, but I know I certainly did not want to to apply to me. I hurt my foot, and the doctor told me how I need to consider the fact that I will no longer play in any professional capacity. However that was not for me. I needed to have a doctor that would keep me grounded, but I knew that I could play again if I worked out as hard as I could to get back on my feet. Pun intended!

Coach Landow told me that I have that drive that is necessary to come back from a debilitating injury. I was practicing every day to the level that I could. Each day my foot was getting better and better. Continue reading Getting Sports Rehabilitation After a Debilitating Injury

I Needed a Chiropractor when I Was Pregnant

I was so looking forward to becoming pregnant. My husband and I wanted to have a large family, so we started planning for one as soon as we were married. God must have been on board with our plans because I got pregnant on our honeymoon. We were both so deliriously happy, and we started making plans and dreaming the day we found out. I wish I would have had the foresight to get a Redding chiropractor on board right from the start, but I had no idea at first that my pregnancy would have gone a lot smoother.

For every pregnancy symptom, it seemed like I was a prime candidate for it. Continue reading I Needed a Chiropractor when I Was Pregnant

Texas Apartment Hunting with My Favorite Niece

My favorite niece had just graduated from college and was looking forward to her new job as an art teacher, as was I, as her new job would put her very near where I lived in Texas. While her job was in Arlington, I was looking for apartments in Grand Prairie as a bit of a compromise between her commute to work and commute to where I was living a bit west of the city of Dallas. I looked forward to spending time with my niece and showing her around the area and taking her into Dallas for some incredible shopping opportunities.

My niece is my older sister’s daughter and my sister is 12 years older than myself. This puts my niece and I fairly close in age and I have enjoyed a great relationship with her throughout her life. Continue reading Texas Apartment Hunting with My Favorite Niece

I Love Living Closer to My Sister

My sister was so excited about me moving closer to her. We both grew up in New York, but she had moved to Georgia not long after graduating from college. I had been there to visit her a few times, and I fell in love with the area as well. When a job opportunity presented itself, I knew that I was going to try and get it. My sister was probably more excited than me when I got it! She sent me an email that said to click here, and it had about eight different apartment complex websites for me to look at. Continue reading I Love Living Closer to My Sister

My Parents Gave Me Their Blessings

When I told my mom and dad that I was looking at apartments in Midtown Atlanta, they both got so worried. They had all these visions in their heads of me living in a ghetto section of town, when nothing further could be from the truth. The apartment that I wanted to get was at The Pad on Harvard, and it is one of the nicest places I have seen on my search for an apartment that would not give my parents heart failure. I understand about them worrying because I am their only child, and they live nearly 400 miles away from me. Continue reading My Parents Gave Me Their Blessings

I Wanted to Move There Too

My friend moved into a new apartment a few months ago, and I went to see her for the first time last week. I was really surprised when I got there because I was not expecting it to be as nice as it was. I was just thinking of her old apartment, which was in a bad part of town, and I guess I transferred those feelings to this apartment, which were completely unfounded. I liked it so much that I went home and looked at the community website for the complex because I wanted to get more information on it for myself.

I really liked how clear cut and precise everything on the website was. They did not need flowery words or gimmicks to convince people to give them a try because what they offer is plenty enough of a draw. For the community amenities, the residents who live there have water, sewage and garbage pickup included on their bills, and there is a playground for children as well as a bark park for dogs. What I liked best is that there is a night patrol every night, which definitely lets residents feel much safer there. Continue reading I Wanted to Move There Too

Started Talking About Living Together

If you go out with a girl for this long, then this conversation starts to become expected. I was ready for it, although I did not have much more than a warning about how it might not be that easy to live with me. I have shared apartments with a lot of guys and I do not think any of them were any good at picking up their stuff or cleaning up after themselves. There was always stuff stacked up in the sink and some of the time the place would stink because no one would take the trash out. I think I have gotten better about that, although it is mostly because I have been trying to be better for Shelly. It is not like I think that I am going to do a lot better than her, she has a great job for starters and she is very good looking as well. In fact the two of us together could probably save up enough money for a small house if we tried. Continue reading Started Talking About Living Together

No One Needs to Spend Life Feeling Badly Without Finding the Underlying Problem

My mom told me that it was a mistake to assume that the way I had been feeling for a few years was fine because I am an aging female. She said that she and my father didn’t feel bad when they were my age. She helped me to understand I needed to figure out what the problem was. She made me to go an appointment at a Corte Madera chiropractor that she made for me. She also made me go to see a doctor who is an internist as well. I had been hiding how badly I felt for a long time because I did not want to seem like a weakling. But I was becoming truly more week by hiding it.

At first, I did not know why I hid the fact that I was having trouble every day and not feeling well. I am close to my parents. My mom asked me why I did it with her, and I really set back and thought about my answer. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had kept things to myself because my parents have always seen me as such a strong person. Continue reading No One Needs to Spend Life Feeling Badly Without Finding the Underlying Problem

Top Notch Mobile App Creators

When the boss told me to start coming up with ideas for an app, I knew I needed mobile app development in Singapore. I’m a middle aged guy who isn’t the savviest individual when it comes to developing tech. I can code and I can do other things most people my age can’t do, but creating a fully functional mobile app was beyond my knowledge base. We are a small firm and no one here knows the first thing about making a functional app to help sell our products. This was definitely a situation where trying to fake your way through it wouldn’t work.

So I asked some friends in the tech field and did some online research and I found a firm that is really top notch. Continue reading Top Notch Mobile App Creators

I Am Finally out of School

I am finally out of high school and I am happy to get started with the next stage of my life. For now that means learning computer science at a school in Charleston. The idea is that in two years I will be able to get a really good job and I have already found something that is sort of like that, working for a big company as a late night support agent. I was able to convince them that I understood their products. At any rate I have started looking for an apartment for rent in North Charleston SC and the plan is for me and one of my friends to live there. Continue reading I Am Finally out of School

Great Mining Company for a Career

My Dad of all people suggested I look into a career with Signature Aluminum of Canada after I got out of school and didn’t know how to proceed. I got a degree in mine engineering, but upon graduation I suddenly wasn’t sure that was what I wanted to do. Weird, right? Spend all that time, hard work, and money on an engineering degree and then suddenly develop interests in something else. I knew a guy who did the same thing with law school: went to school, got the degree, and then went into teaching kids in an elementary school.

My father wasn’t having any of that nonsense, however. He knew I had a good head on my shoulder and that I could make a lucrative career out of working in mine engineering. He was an engineer himself, in a different area, and he raised three kids easily on his salary. He suggested I take a month to think about it and then come back to him and talk about it. Continue reading Great Mining Company for a Career

Not So Much Free Time

A friend and I moved into a two bedroom room at the Seaside Residences in Siglap. We decided to live together to save on the cost of renting a place, and it was a good decision by the both of us. We both have a pretty average income, especially since we are working part time while going to school, so our living arrangement makes perfect sense and let’s us have a place to live that isn’t far from where we attend school and work.

My friend is taking classes to become a doctor, while I’m taking computer science courses. Between the two of us, we don’t have a lot of free time, but when we do, we like to hit the town and do a little dancing at one of the local clubs. Even though we aren’t great dancers, we still have a good time at the club, and the other people don’t seem to mind, because many of them are bad dancers too. Continue reading Not So Much Free Time