Bringing Goods to the Customers

Before the end of the previous year, I started a delivery business for groceries. Since there are a lot of people who either don’t have time to do their own grocery shopping, or simply can’t make it to the store due to physical reasons, I decided to bring the groceries to them. I hired a mobile application development team that would be able to put together that would allow people to place orders for the groceries they need, and the orders would be stored in a queue for the employees of my company to take and fulfill.

In the first week of operations for the business, we got a lot more orders that I expected. To make the deliveries as efficient as possible, the drivers focused on orders that were made by people living in a particular area, and fulfilled those before moving on to the next one. This not only saved time, but it also saved on fuel costs, as the drivers wouldn’t have to make unnecessary trips to complete the orders. Inside the app was a feature that allowed customers to leave feedback about their delivery experience, and all of the customers left positive feedback. They mentioned how fast the drivers were and liked how they were given the freshest groceries.

The customers that we had in the first week must have told other people about their positive experiences, because we were able to get twice as many delivery requests in the second week. As the number of people placing orders continues to rise, I’ll have to hire more people to act as delivery drivers. I think some people would prefer to have a delivery job over something like a ride sharing job. The only thing they would have to carry in their car is food, and the customers are nicer.