A Three Bedroom Apartment for the Three of Us

I thought it would be hard to find a three bedroom apartment in Lewisville, but I was wrong. I never imagined that I would find one the same day that I did a search for three bedroom Lewisville TX apartments. The Bluffs at Vista Ridge apartments was at the top of the search results, and I was so excited because it was definitely in the general vicinity of where I wanted to relocate to. I had done a lot of research on the area, and I knew that it would be a good place for my two daughters to go to school.

The layout of the apartment is spectacular for us too. My bedroom is on one side, and their bedrooms are next to each other on the other side of the apartment. There is a full bath separating the two rooms. They each have a really nice sized closet too, which I knew would come in handy as they get older. My bedroom is a dream for me too. It takes up more space than what their two rooms combined do. I have a full bath with a double vanity, and there is a huge walk in closet too.

That is not even the best part, though it is one of my favorite things. The absolute best though is the small room off of my bedroom. It can be used for anything at all, and I have turned it into my home office. From there, I can go out onto the patio, which also opens into the living room. The kitchen is quite large, and there is a separate dining area. There is even a laundry room that is bigger than the typical laundry closets that you will find in a typical apartment. This is just the nicest place ever, and it has me so excited for the three of us to be living here.