A New Bird Can Sing

When I told a friend about success I had teaching a canary to sing with a canary singing CD, she became intrigued and wondered if it would work on her parrot. Her parrot repeats things she says at random, with very little connection between the sentences. She gets annoyed with it sometimes, and would rather that it just sing a pleasant melody, rather than mimicking her conversations. She tried to get it to sing pop songs from the radio, but the bird didn’t want to memorize them. To be honest, I don’t blame the bird, as the songs were terrible.

I loaned the CD to my friend and she popped it into her CD player as soon as she got home. While the canaries on the CD were singing joyfully, the parrot was squawking and mimicking more of my friend’s conversations. She became frustrated with the bird and stopped playing the CD. One morning as she was about to leave the house for work, the parrot started singing one of the songs from the CD. She rushed back into the house and asked the parrot to sing it again, but the parrot stayed silent.

The parrot was a clever bird, because it would only sing when my friend wasn’t looking or when she was about to leave. She tried everything to get the bird to sing directly to her. She bribed the bird with food, she petted the bird, and she even kissed the bird on the beak, but the bird just wouldn’t sing for her. I asked her if I could take a look at the parrot and get it to sing. She agreed and I talked to the bird for 5 minutes. The bird opened its mouth and sang a song for me, while my friend watched in awe. Some people just have a way with birds.