Life Goes on After Difficult Moments

One of my employees passed away from the corona virus last month. It was a sad time for all of us, and we couldn’t even go to her funeral because of the risk of catching the virus. She was a secretary, and we all loved seeing her at work each day. We thought of her as a member of our family, and there was nothing that we wouldn’t do for her. I was left with the task of finding someone who would fill her role in the company. I used one of the corporate secretarial services to find a secretary.

Even though no one at the company is in the office because we’re all working from home, I still had to find someone to act as the new secretary. It was a hard thing for me to do, because I couldn’t help but think about our secretary who died. I would constantly fill up with sadness and grief, and even looking at the services would cause tears to flow from my eyes. My wife had to calm me down and help me get through the hiring process. She picked a service and contacted them for me so that the secretary could begin working.

The introduction of the employees to the new secretary was a somber moment, but it was one that had to be done. Everyone greeted the new secretary and began working while trying not to think about what had happened. I could tell just by looking at some of the employees that they were holding back the urge to cry. After a bit of time, everyone got settled into work again, and they were a little happier. They treated the new secretary like a valuable member of the team and became warm to her. We’ve had tough times, but I think we’ll be fine.

Reaching My Customers with a New Method

Getting in front of your competition is key when it comes to succeeding in business. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. If you don’t currently have competitors, you will eventually have other business competing with you, so this information is still relevant. One way that I ensure that my customers think of my company before all others is by making sure that my name is always on their mind. I do this by advertising, specifically by using Singapore flyer distribution. It’s an inexpensive way for me to keep current and potential customers informed about any specials that I may be having, and keep my business name in their mind.

I first learned about this opportunity from one of my former professors, who happened to be a business owner as well. I consider him to be my mentor, because he has taught me everything I know, and is one of the key reasons that I wanted to get into this line of business. He told me that he used this service for his business, and he recommended that I give it a try. Continue reading Reaching My Customers with a New Method

A Magical Moment for Us

Today marks the fifth year of marriage to my wife Hani. I am a very lucky man. Most people go through life and never find their soul mate for life. Fortunately, I am not one of those people. I am so grateful to have her in my life. We cherish each other every day. I still remember our wedding like it was yesterday. We had a lavish wedding ceremony with a large cake. Hani looked so elegant in her dress. We had our closest family and friends attend. We all rode in a wedding bus limo. It was so much fun. I will never forget it.

When I first met Hani, I was completely blown away by her beauty. She was a transfer student from South Korea that enrolled in our school. Continue reading A Magical Moment for Us

My Parents Gave Me Their Blessings

When I told my mom and dad that I was looking at apartments in Midtown Atlanta, they both got so worried. They had all these visions in their heads of me living in a ghetto section of town, when nothing further could be from the truth. The apartment that I wanted to get was at The Pad on Harvard, and it is one of the nicest places I have seen on my search for an apartment that would not give my parents heart failure. I understand about them worrying because I am their only child, and they live nearly 400 miles away from me. Continue reading My Parents Gave Me Their Blessings

A Much Nicer Place to Live

I had no idea that I was going to have to move in such a short period of time. I don’t really blame anyone for it, as it was just one of those things that do happen. My old apartment got flooded, and it had such extensive damage that it would be at least a month before I could move back in. The only problem with that was, I had no other place to stay. I knew I needed to look at apartments in Old Town Scottsdale so I could have a place to lay my head at night.

As soon as I started looking at what all The Stetson offers to the ones who live there, I knew I wanted to be one of those people. Continue reading A Much Nicer Place to Live

I Have Some Money I Want to Invest

I was not expecting that my great aunt Emma would leave me anything, in fact some of my relatives were joking that she would leave her house to her cat. She certainly cared more about that then anything else I knew about. As it turned out she had been doing all sorts of things no one knew about. For example she had apparently taken much of her life savings and started trading bitcoin among other things. I have not quite figured out exactly, however the way that it looks to me is that she started to worry that she would outlive her savings. So she took some chances and came out shining, quite literally like new money. Before she died she seems to have transferred a lot of the bitcoin itself to me, in an obvious effort to avoid paying tax upon it. She is one of those people who always thought that the government never really had the right to tax you and she always looked for a way out of it.

However the big thing turned out to be her land. Continue reading I Have Some Money I Want to Invest

Bringing Goods to the Customers

Before the end of the previous year, I started a delivery business for groceries. Since there are a lot of people who either don’t have time to do their own grocery shopping, or simply can’t make it to the store due to physical reasons, I decided to bring the groceries to them. I hired a mobile application development team that would be able to put together that would allow people to place orders for the groceries they need, and the orders would be stored in a queue for the employees of my company to take and fulfill.

In the first week of operations for the business, we got a lot more orders that I expected. Continue reading Bringing Goods to the Customers

Why Break Your Back Cleaning?

I have a very bad back from a car accident I was in a while ago. It is hard for me to reach for high places and to reach for low places so cleaning can be hard on my back. I like to clean really well about twice a year, once in the spring and later on in the fall. I knew that I was going to have to look for spring cleaning in Singapore if I did not want to hurt my back while doing what I wanted to in order to get my house clean. I like to wash all of the trim in my house and I think that it makes a bigger difference because it is white. It is really important for you to keep your house clean if you want to keep it up so that the value does not go down. Other than the normal wear and tear, a deep clean will help you see how great your house is.

I did not come from a house where my parents did not take care of their things. My parents would paint one side of their house every year and they would always make sure that it looked good. I am really glad that they came up with the painting trick because now my dad is ready to sell the house that we’ve lived in for 35 years and he really does not have a lot of things to do to it because of the maintenance they have done to it. When I bought my house I said that I would clean a little bit every day so I did not have to do it all at once on one day of the week and it worked out really well for me and my schedule.

It Took Some Time to Find out How to Run a Business Well

I had plans to grow my business as a part time cleaner in Singapore for a long time, but it took me awhile to realize that I could not do that without learning to trust others to help me to do that. I had never been anyone’s boss before, and it seemed a bit scary. What if workers didn’t show up or didn’t want to listen to me when I told them what they needed to do? My brother has a company, and I wanted to talk to him about it. So, he invited me over earlier this year so that I could get his feelings on a number business-related questions that I had for him.

My siblings are all natural leaders. I have always been sort of laidback and quiet. I don’t have a commanding voice, and I can be a bit of a soft-hearted person. Over the years, people have taken advantage of me because of that. I really worried that employees would do the same to me. My brother suggested that I read up on how to be a good leader. He also pointed out that you can still be kindhearted and quiet, while also being a good manager. Continue reading It Took Some Time to Find out How to Run a Business Well

He is Enjoying Physics Again

My son was not doing well in his physics course work. He was maintaining a B in the class, but he had absolutely no passion for it. He enjoyed his different sciences before this particular class, so I was concerned. I talked with his teacher, who told me that he was actually doing well in the class. Her version of well and my version are quite different then. I decided to look into Singapore physics tuition to see if this was an option where he could attend a tutoring session on a regular basis to discover that physics can be enjoyable too.

I knew that was the missing puzzle piece here. Continue reading He is Enjoying Physics Again

A Hair Loss Treatment That Works

I used to have really thick hair. It would take me a long time to style it because it was just my best feature. That is why I was heartbroken when I noticed that I was losing more hair than what is considered normal. It was not a huge concern at first, but it quickly turned into one. I went to my doctor who ran tests, and he determined that it was genetics. I was not satisfied with that answer, since he said nothing could really be done. Thankfully, an aesthetic clinic in Singapore disagreed with him.

I knew that my doctor probably didn’t deal with patients complaining of hair loss, and that is why I kept looking to see if I could find help elsewhere. When I saw that this clinic offered hope, I made an appointment for a consultation. I was able to take my report from the doctor with me so they could see what all was done already, as far as labs and blood work is concerned. Continue reading A Hair Loss Treatment That Works

A Good Security System Brings Peace of Mind

When my cousin told me that she and her husband was moving close to where I live, I was so happy. She has been my best friend for as long as I can remember, and it was hard living so far away from her. The only thing I was not excited about was that the home they bought is in a neighborhood that is right on the edge of where crime often happens. This was a concern of theirs as well, and they had already found a company that installs ADT in Chicago.

That definitely made all of us feel better, especially because I know first hand how good ADT is. We have had it ever since we bought our own home here outside of Chicago. Continue reading A Good Security System Brings Peace of Mind

New Futura Freehold Condominium by City Developments Limited

The New Futura Condo is going to be two towers to include 124 units. The New Futura is going to be located alongside Leonie Hill Road, district nine of Singapore. It will have access to the Orchard and Somerset MRT stations and will be withing walking distance of the Orchard shopping including Takashimaya, Wisma Atria and Cineleisure. The condo will also be in close proximity of the Central Business District, Marina Bay, Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Grand Prix, Art Science Museum and many, many more.

The following is the layout of The New Futura Condos:

Basement 1 and Level 1 – Recreational Facilities to include Arrival Plaza, Grand Lobby, Infinity Lap Pool, Pool Deck, Cabanas, Board Walk, Wading Pool, Clubhouse (Club Futura), Kid’s Corner, Pet’s Lawn, Nature Trail, Arrival Garden (Basement – 1)

-the lower level of the clubhouse has private dining, gourmet kitchen, cozy lounge and concierge

-the upper level of the clubhouse has alfresco BBQ and function room

Level 3 – Fitness Terrace to include Wellness Studio, Action Deck and Leisure Deck

Level 10 North Tower – Sky Serenity to include Yoga Deck, Pilates Deck, Meditation Decks, Relaxation Decks and Foot Reflexology

Level 14 South Tower – Sky Sense to include Reading Corner, Wired Zone, Synapse Bay and Wisdom Garden

Level 23 North Tower – Sky Aqua to include Lap Pool, Pool Deck, Outdoor Rain Shower and Viewing Deck

Level 23 South Tower – Sky Bliss to include Jacuzzi, Tea Veranda, Spa Beds, Spa Alcove and Viewing Deck

Level 28 North Tower – Sky Indulgence to include Social Lounge, Family Patio, Cosy Bay, Epicure Dining and Leisure Lawn

Level 30 South Tower – Sky Indulgence to include Social Lounge, Family Patio, Cosy Bay, Epicure Dining and Leisure Lawn

If you are interested in viewing the New Futura Freehold Condominium you can register an appointment today. Phone is +65 9740 0311v

My Back Feels Great Now

I really could not tell you exactly how I hurt my back or for that matter exactly where I was or what I did the night that I hurt my back. If you can not guess I was out drinking with a couple of old friends, although at some point I ditched them and ended up with a girl. At least they told me that I did that, although I could not tell you that. It was lucky for me that I knew a clinic that has really good tcm in Singapore. I woke up in an empty apartment with not a single thing inside it, how I got there I have no idea. Continue reading My Back Feels Great Now

A Pedicure for All of Us

I thought that women who had pedicure services just had too much money to spend. That opinion changed when I had my first one. I was in a wedding as a bridesmaid, and the bride wanted all of us to have pedicures with her since we were wearing open toed shoes. She had booked the same time slots for all of us, then we were going to go to her house and just chill on her last night as a single woman. I am not the only one who had never had a pedicure before, so it was a new experience for several of us.

I was surprised to see just how in depth a pedicure can get. Continue reading A Pedicure for All of Us

My Office Building Needed a Cleaning Service

I thought that it would be best to have an in house cleaning crew at my new office complex, but I found out that it was not such a smart idea after all. There is a lot to be done, for sure, but there is not enough there for even one person to do it full time every single day let alone the three person crew I had hired for this. I checked out a cleaning company in Singapore that had come highly recommended, and I knew that it was the way to go moving forward.

I had hired the three person cleaning crew on a two month trial run, so they understood when I told them I was going with a commercial cleaning company. They simply did not have enough to do to keep them occupied, so they were not sad to leave. Continue reading My Office Building Needed a Cleaning Service

Things Have Turned out Much Better Than We Thought

My husband and I began purchasing properties several years back after we learned that it’s a good way to build your nest egg. I was in charge of cleaning each property thoroughly. However, we have bought so many now that it is tough for me to keep up with them. I now use a company that offers regular cleaning services in Singapore to do it for me. It has been a big help. Now that I have used their service, I honestly think it would have been best if I had just hired them early on because it saves so much time.

You never know where life will lead you. I once had things planned out in life, but things change when you least expect it. I became pregnant around 8 years ago, and we had our twins 9 months later. Continue reading Things Have Turned out Much Better Than We Thought

Finding a Good Pedicure Service Was Difficult

Moving to Singapore and finding a good pedicure in Singapore proved daunting. Probably because I didn’t properly research my options before really needing one, I found myself in a mad dash to try and locate a service that would do a good job. My first two attempts didn’t have a good result at all. The work was sloppy and, even worse, painful. The last one I tried I almost got an infection because the person doing the pedicure didn’t know what they were doing. There’s nothing worse than a sloppy pedicure.

Fortunately, a work friend who has been here much longer than I have overheard me talking about my issues and she gave me the address to the place she goes for her work. As soon as I walked in I knew I was in the right place. Friendly people, a clean shop, and people diligently working on other customers gave off a very good vibe. I sat down and said what I wanted done and the lady got right to work. She didn’t waste any time getting down to business and seemed very friendly and very professional. The results looked better than anything I got in the States.

The cost was a real surprise as well. For the best pedicure I’ve ever gotten, I paid much less than I did at any other place I went. I know for a fact that I’ll be coming back here for all my cosmetic work. I enjoyed my visit here so much that I’m looking through their other services to see if there is anything else I can have them do. I’m sure it won’t take much coaxing for me to indulge myself at their spa! I’m actually looking forward to going back and getting a lot more work done in the near future!

Nutrition is the Most Important Health Issue

Looking into Camas chiropractors for some back pain that needed fixing led me into a total revamp of my dietary intake. It is sort of odd that it took a visit to a chiropractor for muscle pain for me to totally come around to the idea that changing my diet was necessary for my long term health, but that is what happened. People don’t associate nutrition and vitamins with the chiropractor, but my chiropractor considers it just as important as any other treatment for aches and pains. He treats the entire patient and not just the problem.

It really is incredible how important a healthy diet and targeted vitamin supplementation can be for improving your health. Getting off the process junk foods and the sugar is almost always a huge boon to your health. Continue reading Nutrition is the Most Important Health Issue